Dolphins are providing a show

Dolphins are providing a show on Plymouth’s coast.

A large pod of dolphins has been spotted frolicking in Plymouth Sound and its surrounding beaches.

Plymouth experiences regular sightings of dolphins along with sharks and seals, but a pod of this size hasn’t been spotted for a while.

The dolphins have been coming quite close to boats and to the shores of Bovisand, Heybrook Bay, Wembury and Cawsand. They have been putting on some exciting displays by leaping out of the water.

Local rowing teams have enjoyed racing alongside them and holidaymakers and commuters alike have enjoyed their displays while taking boat/ferry trips to Plymouth and Cornwall.

We saw a large pod that came into Bovisand Bay and were able to witness them playing around by the old diving fort.

Local fishermen believe that it’s due to a large amount of mackerel and sea bass which have been coming into Plymouth Sound lately.