Green Tourism

BY Bovisand Admin Dec 02, 2021

We are committed to Green Tourism policies by providing sutainable, responsible and environmental tourism - much of what makes Bovisand Lodge Holiday Park a special place is its natural landscape. We aim minimise our impact as a holiday park on the environment and keep Bovisand beautiful forever through the following practices:

• Protecting the habitat for wildlife, flora and fauna – we are a bee friendly park and we sow wild meadows and have our own bug hotel. • Minimise waste by providing recycling facilities. • Using green/ecological cleaning products and toiletries. • Reducing our energy consumption through the use of solar panels (on the swimming pool roof) , keeping fridges set to low, using electric vehicles, installing an electric car charger and turning off appliances/sockets when not being used. • Encouraging the re-use of towels/asking that guests indicate when they need a wash during long stays. • Using local suppliers to minimise travel miles and purchasing Fair Trade products. • Reducing waste by bulk purchasing items so there is less packaging required. Usiing refillable items where possible to reduce single use plastics.